About Us

Parallax Survival is a group of people who have come together to discover the insights and rewards found in the study and training in all aspects of survival.  When we talk about survival we are talking about survival as it applies to all aspects of life.  This concept applies to all people living in this world despite their physical situations.

Our organization, Parallax Survival, L.L.C., was created specifically to conduct research and training concerning all aspects of survival. This focus on survival training not only covers basic through advanced levels of survival (both rural and urban) but will also cover martial arts and weapons training.  All survival situations begin with the individual at home, in the office, or even overseas. It all starts with physical and mental preparation covering a multitude of situations such as:

  •  Natural Disasters
  •  Manmade Disasters
  •  Crime
  •  Disease
  •  Accidents
  •  Conflict Avoidance
  •  Combative Applications
  •  Military
  •  Law Enforcement
  •  Post Traumatic Stress

Unlike other organizations, all of our instructors have gone through many years of personal and professional experience in the subjects we teach. In fact, we are a group of professionals who not only teach our skills but we use them everyday in our current employment thereby allowing us the ability to remain updated with the most current methodologies and technology in the field.


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